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Air Permeability Tester
FX 3300 LabAir IV  

In short

Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials
as well as foam cubes.

Our most successful instrument.

Special Features

  • Wide measuring range of 1-10,000 l/m²/s at 20 cm² test area (0.1-1,300 ft³/ft²/min at 38 cm²).
  • Wide test pressure range of 20-2,000 Pa
  • For filter media: Determination of the pressure drop at a given air velocity.
  • Optional FX 3300-PNA Pneumatic Clamping Assembly for test samples with a high percentage of side air.
  • Automatic control of the test pressure.
  • Fast and simple sample clamping.
  • Touch screen display for digital and graphic display of the test result.
  • Quiet and mobile instrument, perfectly suitable for use in the laboratory and in the production area.
  • Automatic cleaning function of the orifice provides for stable test results.
  • Data ports: RS 232 and UBS. Ethernet and optional WLAN for direct network access.
  • Optional integrated software for evaluation and storage of the test results in XML format.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for printing of a test report.
  • Can be connected to a PC with the Evaluation Program L 5110 LABODATA III.
  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.
  • Calibratable.

Further Information