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Dynamic Air Permeability Tester

In short

Measures the dynamic air permeability and the biaxial tensile characteristics of uncoated airbag fabrics.

The instrument for production, quality control and r & d in the airbag industry.

Special Features

  • Wide measuring range of approx. 200 - 6,000 mm/s (= l/m²/s) in the pressure range of 30 - 70 kPa.
  • Fast and simple sample clamping.
  • Suitable for use in the laboratory as well as in the production area.
  • Data port, for example for a PC with L 5110 LABODATA III.
  • By means of the Program L 5110 LABODATA III the biaxial tensile characteristics can be determined.
  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.
  • Calibratable.
  • Only worldwide accepted standard instrument for airbag fabric.

Further Information