testing instruments for quality control

On-line Tester

In short

Continuously measures the air permeability and/or thickness
of fabrics, non-wovens, felts, films and paper maker cloth
at the moving web directly in the production line.

On-line testing directly in the production line saves time and money.

Special Features

  • Wide measuring ranges: air permeability: 1 - 5'000 mm/s (0.2 - 1'000 ft³/ft²/min), thickness: 0 - 6 mm.
  • High measuring accuracy.
  • Measures cross profiles, length profiles and zigzag profiles.
  • Handles web speeds of up to 200 m/min (660 ft/min). (!)
  • High resolution of up to 1 mm test point pitch.
  • The modular system adapts easily to the requirements of the production line.
  • Calibratable.

Further Information