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Calibration Service

Practically all of our instruments can be calibrated.
We generally recommend a calibration interval of 12 months.

For calibration we offer a worldwide on-site calibration service. Alternatively, the instruments - particularly the hand-held instruments - may be sent to our factory for calibration. Please use the contact form to arrange an in-factory calibration date with us.

The price for a calibration is composed as follows:

Calibration flat charge

Includes maintenance of the instrument, update to the latest technical standard (as far as technically feasible) as well as small repair work. After calibration the customer receives an ISO-conform calibration certificate stating the measuring errors before and after calibration.

Travel expenses or shipping costs, respectively

In order to keep the travel expenses as low as possible, we attempt to combine the calibrations in a certain geographical area in a single calibration trip, so that the travel and lodging expenses can be shared between customers. Please use the contact form to ask us in due time for our calibration travel schedule, so we can include the calibration of your instrument in one of our trips.

Repair costs

If during calibration the need for major repair work arises,
we charge for the actual repair time plus the required spare parts.