testing instruments for quality control

Table and Floor Instruments

Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester FX 3000 HYDROTESTER IV

Measures the resistance of plastic foils, coated and uncoated fabrics and non-wovens to water penetration by means of the dynamic, static and program test method up to a pressure of 5,000 mbar (50 m w.c.).


Air Permeability Tester FX 3300 LabAir IV

Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials

as well as foam cubes.


Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester FX 3180 CupMaster

Measures the water vapor transmission rate of plastic films, membranes, underlays, vapor barriers, and other materials by means of the gravimetric method.


Pneumatic Clamping Assembly FX 3300-PNA

Optional accessory for air permeabiliy measurements on test specimens
with a high percentage of lateral air flow, such as coated test specimens,
multi-layer test specimens and test specimens with a rough surface.


Dynamic Air Permeability Tester FX 3350 AIRBAG-TESTER

Measures the dynamic air permeability and the biaxial tensile
characteristics of uncoated airbag fabrics.


Digital Tearing Tester FX 3750 ELMENDORF-TESTER

Measures the tearing strength of paper, cardboard, plastics, non-wovens and woven fabrics according to the "Elmendorf" method.