FX 3000 HydroTester IV

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Project Description

In short

Measures the resistance of plastic foils, coated and uncoated fabrics and non-wovens to water penetration by means of the dynamic, static and program test method. Your choice: manual, semi-automatic or – worldwide unique: – fully automatic operation without any operator attendance.

Test standards

  • AATCC 127
  • ASTM D 689
  • ASTM F 1’670
  • ASTM F 1’671
  • BS 2’823
  • DIN 53’886
  • EDANA 120.2-02
  • EN 1’734
  • EN 20’811
  • INDA IST 80.4
  • ISO 811
  • ISO 1’420 A
  • JIS L 1’092 A
  • JIS L 1’092 B-b
  • NF G07-057
  • SNV 198’571

Special features

  • Alarm value reduces the operator’s attendance time by as much as 90 %.
  • Automatic program eliminates the operator’s attendance time for “pass/fail” tests.
  • Automatic drop detection with optional Drop Detector eliminates the attendance time for all tests.
  • Automatic water refill prior to each test with optional Automatic Level Control.
  • Well illuminated test area with unobstructed visual access.
  • Fast and convenient sample clamping.
  • Touch screen display for digital and graphic display of test result and test progress.
  • Table top unit, no plumbing required, only compressed air.
  • Data ports: USB. Ethernet and optional WLAN for direct network access.
  • Optional integrated software for evaluation and storage of the test results in XML format.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for printing of a test report.
  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.
  • Calibratable.


Product information

  • Model FX 3000-4L PUM with built-in pump and mechanical sample clamp for a pressure up to 500 mbar (5 m water column)
  • Model FX 3000-4M with external compressed air supply and pneumatic sample clamp for a pressure up to 2,000 mbar (20 m water column).
  • Model FX 3000-4H with external compressed air supply and pneumatic sample clamp for a pressure up to 5,000 mbar (50 m water column).

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